cWhen was the last time you felt fantastic?c

Mind Matters Restorative Hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis, meditation and yoga to facilitate deep relaxation and the positive changes you desire. In addition to the more well known ways of benefiting with hypnosis such as weight loss, stress reduction and stopping smoking, our distinctive methods facilitate rapid change in behavior, motivation, self-image, confidence, concentration, creativity, health and well-being. Compared to other forms of therapy, you will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars through our rapid transformational work. Our unique synthesis of hypnosis, meditation and yoga creates a profound and safe state of very deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation, freeing your subconscious mind to tap into its fundamental source of wisdom, strength and peace. Clients report marked improvement and relief after the very first session.

The analogy of defragmenting a computer is helpful in understanding how this works. In the same way one defragments a computer's hard drive in order to optimize its performance, this process defragments your mind and body, allowing you to release unnecessary thoughts, beliefs, tensions and fears. This creates a more powerful, better-directed ascension of mind that serves your goals, desires and spirit through a real sense of balance and focused attention.

Our studio is conveniently located in Los Angeles, adjacent to Studio City, Burbank and Hollywood, just off of the 101 freeway and near the major entertainment studios of NBC, Universal, Warner Bros. and Disney.

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